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Improve Your Baby’s Sleeping Habits – Gently!

Sarah Ong, Certified Child Sleep Consultant, Malaysia

When you hear of a child sleep consultant, you normally think of sleep trainer and when you hear sleep training you think of “cry it out” right? A few baby sleep trainers are always about one approach or method that they know and force fit it to all the families that they work with. Unfortunately, it is almost always the “cry it out” method and not all families are comfortable with it.

At Sleep Champ Baby, we are not about one method or one approach fits all. When we work with families, we customize plans depending on their lifestyle and values, cultures and beliefs, child’s temperament and emotions and so on. We take the whole family into consideration.

Sarah Haris Ong, the certified child sleep consultant, is passionate about providing holistic and integrative approaches to sleep education for families. As she helps families with a plan to establish healthy sleep habits earlier on, parents may not even have to get to “sleep train” their child at all. In some cases where sleep behavioral modification is needed, there are gentle, gradual and non-cry it out approaches as well. She does not believe in quick fix since good sleep habits do not happen overnight, but they are slowly shaped and developed over time.


Learn more about What I Do: Baby Sleep Approach

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