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If we were to ask parents to rank the biggest challenge during their child’s first few years of life, the answer would be almost unanimous: sleep. Parents want to know the secret to healthy sleep for their baby. They go to great lengths to fix their baby’s sleep difficulties. Desperate and zombie-fied, they will resort to using motion – rocking or using sarong – or putting cereal in the baby’s milk in the hopes to get their child to feel fuller so that they can stay asleep longer in the night. Some would continuously nurse their baby older than 6 months through the night like nursing an infant. Others may even resort to sleep train their child using the cry-it-out approach but feel clueless and uncomfortable during the process. 

At Sleep Champ Baby, we are not about one method or one approach fits all. Every baby is unique and every parent is also unique. Our approach is mainly about building the emotional connection with your child so that he goes to sleep feeling safe, secure and happy. 

Sarah Haris Ong, the certified child sleep consultant, is passionate about providing holistic and integrative approaches to sleep education for families. Her specialities are

  • Developmental readiness in regards to sleep
  • Understanding the cry
  • Supporting parents by building confidence and provide reassurance
  • The ideal emotional and physical environment for sleep success

Her unique approach to sleep is primarily based on the secure attachment parenting concept called Aware Parenting and Parenting by Connection, where co-sleeping, breastfeeding, babywearing, and prompt responsiveness to crying are encouraged.

Where it differs from Classical Attachment Parenting and mainstream parenting is that crying is recognized as a stress release function on top of communication function for immediate needs such as hunger, discomfort, needing for closeness etc.

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