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What Level Of Support Do You Need?

Hello Mom or Dad,

You are probably exhausted and getting desperate. Chances are you are here because of one or combination of these reasons: are losing your mind from the frequent night awakenings

…. you dread at the thought of bedtime and you do not look forward when the sun sets

…. you have read so many articles, books (if you have the time) and snippets of information and now getting even more confused about what is right for your baby

…. you are not sure what you are doing wrong

 ….you are exhausted from the just the thought of going through another round of bedtime battle

…. you are looking for a solution that speaks to your heart and your parenting style.

You can’t bear to sleep train or leave your child crying alone to sleep. …. you are just longing for more sleep.

How do I know this? Because I had a baby who refused to sleep and used me as a human pacifier all night. And I have helped hundreds of parents with a baby or a toddler who won’t sleep. So I want you to know that there is hope. Your baby CAN sleep more and peacefully.

I’m Sarah Ong, certified baby sleep coach. I spent years of training and researching to help parents like you help their baby get more sleep using a proven approach that does not require you to sacrifice the secure attachment your baby needs.

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Do you wonder sometimes if there is something wrong… with your baby? With you? But really… there is nothing wrong… with anyone here.

When I first started helping other parents who had babies who just outrightly refused to sleep and won’t stay asleep, I just followed the mainstream ways I had learned and used myself. Sometimes this strategy worked, and sometimes it didn’t.

Then I tried other approaches I had been taught in my training, and again… it was hit or miss… especially with certain babies.

Then, I discovered the key.

It was like a hidden secret ingredient that made everything come together. It’s really no magic or miracle. I just discovered this solution because I put in a lot of effort to do my own research plus I have worked with hundreds of families who were struggling.

Through these experiences,  I learned the ONE ESSENTIAL CHANGE that every parent must make to get rid of sleep issues… regardless of whether your baby is 3 weeks or 3 years old.

I respect the parenting approaches that we all choose for ourselves and for our babies. We all have our own reasons to choose how we parent based on our own values, core beliefs and experience.

What I offer is another approach that will resonate with some parents. I aim to help parents to provide all the secure attachment they want for their baby while still getting enough sleep.

How Is My Approach Different?

To fully understand how it is different, I use an approach called Aware Parenting that fully involves our baby’s emotional wellbeing.

In this model, we learn that babies have feelings and emotional memory starting from being in the womb and these feelings that surface from birth need to be heard.

Even if we as parents have tried to minimize stress for our babies by gentle birth, co-sleeping, breastfeeding on demand, babywearing and promptly responding to their immediate needs, our babies still experience painful and uncomfortable feelings.

If a baby has gone through a difficult time in utero, birth trauma or separation after birth, she will have even more bigger feelings to express. Usually these feelings are expressed through crying.

This is why crying in Aware Parenting approach is used as a function to heal from stress, painful and uncomfortable feelings.

Crying in the loving arms of his parents promote his feelings to release and for baby to heal emotionally.

In controlled crying, a baby is left to cry alone for certain period of time. When the baby cries alone, he is left to feel fear and anxiety and ends up in a state of high level of stress for the baby to deal with.

Through this method, a baby will use a new way to self-soothe by either clutching on a blanket/stuffed toy, sucking on a thumb or pacifier to repress his feelings because no one is there with him to support the feelings that he needs to work on healing.

In Classical Attachment Parenting approach, parents usually stop their baby’s crying by distracting them with comfort nursing, jiggling, shushing, rocking and baby wearing them.

While this meets their baby’s immediate need for physical closeness, it does not give the space for their baby to express his true feelings that are bubbling inside. By 6 months of age, a baby usually has formed a strong control pattern to repress his feelings. He would demand for a feed or comfort latching when he feels upset, or to be entertained when his painful and uncomfortable feelings start coming up.

This makes it confusing for breastfeeding mothers to really tell whether her baby is truly hungry or has a need to release.

So instead of just looking at one specific issue with sleep problem, I would look at what goes on in the day and evening.

What we do during the day is deeply connected to what happens at night. And exactly the same is true for babies and children.


See What Other Parents Have to Say


My 13 months old baby was waking up 6-7 times a night and would only fall asleep with the breast. I felt helpless and I didn’t know how to get out of the situation without losing the strong bond that I share with my baby. Sarah’s session was clear, convincing and customized to the individual needs of my family. Her great knowledge on Aware Parenting, her warm and giving personality and her excellent coaching skills made me feel understood, supported and determined to make a change.

Thanks a lot for all your advice Sarah! I will certainly recommend you to other sleepless parents.

- Merle Wangerin

After I've engaged Sarah's program, I felt in control because I guess she understands what I'm going through and I know that I have her for support when I need it. First of all, don't get yourself stress out. I know it is easier to say it but somehow our baby can sense when we are stressful. I started to spend more time playing with her.

Peek a boo game works very well for her. We usually use one of the thin blanket when we play the game and I played it before her nap or bedtime for around 5 mins. Then after that I said ok time to take your nap or sleep and at first she will struggle and first few times she was crying. I let her cry out while stroking her and talking to her. Once she calmed herself down, I will say do you feel better now? Can we sleep now? And usually she will fall asleep within 5 mins but keep in mind initially it will take sometime for her to calm herself down while you stroking and talking to her. Don't distract her from her crying cos she needs to let her emotions out.

It's kinda hard when you just have to listen to her cry. I feel bad at first but I was with her through out the crying session and I can see that she is happier after that. Previously, my daughter only will sleep on me. If I put her down she will cry and nobody else can attend to her because she will cry uncontrollably. I am a WAHM and it was really taking a toll on me. Now, it is so easy for her to fall to sleep but sometimes she will have her crying moments and I let her cry out and while I am beside her. 

- Emiza Merican

We both feel happy with the progress show by James with regards to sleep. Thanks to your method, it's great to finally not have to worry too much about James' sleep. Of course he will have his off nights but at least we know he is on the right track. The other positive aspect about this method is that I am now more willing to connect with James whether it is just spending time with him playing or just holding him to sleep in bed.

I was never able to do this previously either because I did not know how or was unwilling to take time to do this. I was too methodical as a mother as I always seemed to be "doing" things for him instead of just listening more to him. So for that, I have to say a big thank you to you. Thanks so much for your help!

- Victoria Shanti

My 18 months old son was waking up 3 times in an hour and would only fall asleep after being nursed. Just imagine waking up so many times through out the night. I just needed help so bad in getting him to sleep longer stretches and to night wean him.

Thanks to a dear friend for introducing Sarah to me. I never thought I could do it but with Sarah’s help I managed to do so in just a week. Now, my son sleeps longer stretches and wakes up only a couple of times at night and I do not have to nurse him to sleep anymore. Hooray! It was such a gentle process and Sarah has been there supporting and guiding me throughout.

Thank you Sarah you are a life or I’d say sleep saviour! It was lovely working with you.

- Amira Yusof