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(And How You Can Help Them Without Nursing To Sleep!)


Hello there. I’m Sarah Ong, first certified baby sleep coach in Malaysia.

Chances are you’re here because of one or combination of these reasons:

you wanna know how to stop your baby’s frequent night awakenings;

you’ve read so many articles, books, Googled information on baby sleep and now getting even more confused about what’s right for YOUR baby;

you’re not sure what you’re doing wrong;

you’re stressed out about the daily bedtime battles;

you’re not happy with breastfeeding or rocking your baby to sleep anymore;

you’re looking for an alternative option to the cry-it-out method;

you want to learn how to help your baby self-settle;

you want someone to show you exactly what to do to make sleep easy and restful.

Well lucky you. That’s exactly what I can do for you.

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