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Sarah Ong

Sarah Ong is Malaysia's first certified baby sleep coach who teach parents gentle, holistic, research-based strategies to help their baby sleep peacefully through the night, and create more relaxed and easy bedtime without crying it out.

Calm Your Baby’s Eczema

In Malaysia, Atopic Eczema is a skin disorder that affects 2 in every 10 people in Malaysia and about 10% – 14% of children below the age of 14. It usually appears for the first time before your child is two. The good news is that most children who have eczema will grow out of the condition by […]

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Top 3 Accidental Parenting Scenarios

As parents, we have all been guilty of this to a certain extent because we prefer to go down the path with the least resistance. What is accidental parenting? It is when some parents go for the most convenient solution – a quick fix – because you don’t have the patience to see through the […]

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Bedtime Routine – Why Is It So Important?

Ever since I started sleep training my daughters, they look forward to bedtime routine the most because this is a special bonding time, a one-on-one with each of them, reading book a book or two, sing nursery rhymes, recite versus and counting from 1 to 100 for my 4 year old Ariyana. It’s special because […]

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5 Tips To Make Bedtime Easier

I’ve come across many parents who have trouble putting their child to sleep. The common scenarios I hear are: “My child fights and refuses to be put to sleep.” “My child takes more than half an hour to drift off to sleep.” “My child protests when I mention the word ‘sleep’.” Getting enough sleep is […]

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The Nap Transition

I remember the time period when both my daughters were going through the nap transition being somewhat nightmarish. Just when I thought I had it all figured out with their sleep and naps, they decided that they don’t want to take that morning naps anymore. Then I was left unsure whether to keep them up […]

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