Akyd’s Journey To Sweet Sleep

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Sleep consultant?  Don’t get us wrong. We are not insomnia. I am sleep lover! Hahah. This is for our baby, Akyd.

Why we are looking for expert/consultant?

– He sleep very late up to 12-2 am.
– He only can sleep with nursing. Continue wake up for every 2 hours. Just to pacifiy him
– My wife become HUMAN PACIFIER to him.
– Since my wife become his human pacifier, my wife even could not move/change position. Can you imagine?
– My wife is expecting 3 months. If this condition/situation continue until our new baby come out, I cant imagine how tired my wife would be to accommodate both babies
– We don’t have really quality sleep every night.
– I as father/husband I really2 helpless –  don’t know how to help/support my wife and son.

During the first few months Akyd came to the world, we have attended this one workshop for early parents in Sg. Buloh and Sarah Ong, Sleep Consultant also one of the speaker during the workshop.

My wife cant tahan already, then we decided to ask for help from her. My wife contacted her and get 20 Free Minutes introductory call and discuss my family’s sleep details.

We set the date and time and meet her for 1-on-1 consultation session at the Baby and Beyond Clinic, Publika. We don’t care much about the fees anymore cause we believe this is going to be a very worthy investment for us/whole family.

Before she provide us the customized technique for us, she ask few questions in order to understand our family as whole including sleep pattern.

After 1 hour get to know us and everything, she come out a very comprehensive approaches for us. It seems very impossible. Seriously. We know Akyd well and I am sure this approaches definitely  impossible to us. But again when she share the successful stories to us/from the website too it actually possible. Plus our problem is common to most of the parents out there.

We left the clinic feeling very enthusiastic/positives vibes to change our sleep pattern.

The real ‘challenge’ begins.

9.00 pm (akyd is not felling well actually)
-We settle down everything. I took him bath. Change diapers and cloth
– Pray Isya together
-My wife direct feed him
– We read him book

9.15 pm
– Light off
– He started crying demanding for nursing.
– We were listening to the crying. Try to understand what he wants us to listen.

10.15 pm
– He continue crying again.
–  We continue listening to him.
– My wife started to drop her tears. How difficult to was for both of them (i was crying dalam hati)

10.30 pm
– Akyd muntah dengan banyak.
– All phlegm come out. He has bad cough. Good that everything come out
– He smiles and high five with me.
– He shakes our hands and kisses both of us. (So sad)

10.45 pm
– Another long crying again.
– My wife feed him. Just to relax and calm him. Very short one!

11.00 pm
– We keep explaining what is happening.
– He seems understand and try to accept.
– I was sleepy already
– Akyd became very active. Super active. Cuddling w us and give us huge smiles
– Seems he settle with ‘unfinished business’ before.

11.20 pm
– The magic shown! He sleeps without nursing!
– I also fall asleep together  with him.
– My wife see the ‘world’ now. Hahah

4.30 am
– He woke up for drink.
– Imagine how long the sleep stretch? Amazing kan?!

5.00 am
– He woke up again to pacifiy him
– My wife refuse to it. He accepts that.
– He continue sleep

6.00 am
– My wife woke up happily. Long time ago she has not wake up this early.

6.30 am
– I woke up with smiles 😉

Well. This is just beginning. Even a bit dramatic night, well i can see this is really promising.

Hopefully tonight and the rest of the night, he can sleep separately and unassisted from us.

Thanks Sarah Ong for your help. 😉

This post was originally written by Fauzan Abdullah in his blog The Daddy Stories. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and I appreciate you being really honest about how you felt during the process. Much love to your family. Thank you for all that you do for Akyd! <3

**DISCLAIMER: Results vary according to baby’s personality and background history, as well as parents’ choice on how to use the tools and information that I suggested to them.