My Husband Had Obstructive Sleep Apnea

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Last week, my hubby underwent a minor surgery to treat a minor obstructive sleep apnea (I find it so ironic that, while focusing on my daughters to be on good sleeping habits, I didn’t realize any earlier my husband was the one who had sleep related medical condition) that was going on for as long as I can remember since we got married. It really got to me, the way he had pauses in his breathing no matter which position he was sleeping in. I recorded his breathing on my iPhone and let him hear it the next day. It scared him. He didn’t realize that all those months I said to go have it checked out, I was being really serious about it. Thank goodness for the recording as proof.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a condition in which the flow of air pauses or decreases during breathing while you are asleep because the airway has become narrowed, blocked, or floppy. For adults, this condition could be due to being overweight, have large tonsils or tongue, or narrow upper airway. For children, obesity, family history of OSA, large tonsil and adenoids, Down Syndrome, Sickle cell disease  are the common factors of OSA. 

As part of my client intake process, I ask series of questions that could raise flags for any medical condition your child might have. While OSA is common (affects 1 in 30 children), not all child sleep challenges are caused by it. It is most likely that it is due to a behavioral problem with regards to how your child falls asleep.

My hubby was given 2 weeks of medical leave and  is recovering very well at home. The surgery was done during the recent school holidays so I literally had three babies to look after during those weeks. Needless to say, it was a rather hectic time for me. It did throw off my usual Mon-Fri schedule but nothing that I couldn’t handle and I’m lucky I can be flexible with work. Besides, having all four of us in the house for some time is really quality time. Amelyn’s love meter is constantly full with the help of her ayah and we see HUGE improvement in her behavior and cooperation. So pleased to see her like that and it only further proves our theory that between Ariyana and Amelyn, Amelyn has a much higher love meter to fill. That’s probably why she has been throwing tantrums, refusing to cooperate for daily stuff like getting undressed for shower, and demands for me to sit with her long period of time.

But more about that in another post. 😉

Since the surgery, my hubby does not snore as loud (still has it but very softly – I’ll take it!). The breathing is also very clear in his sleep and he reports that he is getting more rested sleep than before.  Feeling so relieved and grateful how it all turned out well.

If you think your spouse or child has symptoms of OSA, I highly recommend them getting it checked out with your doctor. It can be dangerous to prolong sleep apnea.

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