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Ever since my daughter started using a baby sleep bag, I have been impressed at how effective it is to keep my daughter asleep when she was 18 months old. If only I knew about them earlier. Fast forward to today, she is still using her baby sleep bag during naps and nighttime sleep. She is almost 3 years old.

I have also recommended to my clients to use baby sleep bag for their little ones. Most of them do and they all agree that it has helped their child sleep a lot better 🙂 In case you didn’t know or haven’t heard of baby sleep bags, they are the modern alternatives to blankets that babies wear to sleep. Seriously, I don’t know any baby who would sleep soundly with a traditional blanket over them and not kick them off.

By wearing a baby sleep bag, you can be assured that your child is sleeping in a right temperature without the problem of traditional blanket getting kicked off. They are also a safer way to ensure that the blankets do not cover or get tangled that could cause suffocation or risk of injuries.

One thing I like most about baby sleep bags is that it is a pleasant part of my daughter’s bedtime routine. She loves being zipped up and snuggled in the blanket right before lights out. It is almost always very useful when I bring it along when we travel. It gives her a sense of security and familiarity, thus reducing the anxiety of sleeping in a new environment.

When Bloom & Grow, a distributor for Grobag, contacted me to do a product review for them, I was thrilled! Grobag is the UK’s Baby Sleep Bag specialist and pioneers in development of the product as well as safety standard for all baby sleep bags.

So here goes my review on Grobag sample I received.


Grobag has been constantly improving and evolving the baby sleep bags. One thing I like in particular is the secure zip-click that will unable your older child from “escaping” from the baby sleep bag. It is able to zip from the top-down or down-up depending if you need to do a quick diaper change in the night without having to remove the baby sleep bag.

We got the 0.5 TOG rating, meaning it is the most suitable for warm climate like Malaysia. Even in air conditioned room, the 0.5 TOG still keeps my daughter warm when she is dressed appropriately (cotton long sleeved and long pants pajama).

It also helps when she takes her afternoon nap. For naps, we would dress her in t-shirt and shorts as it is warmer in the daytime.

Price & Availability

It is retailed at RM180 at Mothercare but one can get it slightly cheaper if it is on a discount on an online baby store. A little pricey but you can count on the highest quality, safety and longer lasting baby sleep bag. Parents can purchase them from most major baby retail stores.

I also love the light weight of the fabric and it would be perfect to be brought along for travel.

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Photos credits: Bloom & Grow website.