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Tips on moms choosing to go back to work after having a baby, 21 April 2015

Panel of moms –

Sarah Ong, Baby Sleep Expert

Vivy Yusof, Director of Fashion Valet & dUck scarves

TC Jamidah, Founder of Curated Designs KL

Nurul Wahab-Depp, Singer & Actor

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The Heat

Putting children’s sleep issues to bed, 14 July 2014

“If you’re a parent who is exhausted from trying to put your little bundle of joy to bed without resorting to tears and tantrums, let Malaysia’ first certified child sleep consultant recommend a gentler approach.”

The Heat interview



Makchic Day Out, 14 Apr 2014

“Presentations of really informative topics ranging from breastfeeding advise for busy moms to how to make your kids eat their veggies were given by our guest speakers Norhayati Mohamed, Goo Chui Hoong, Jashpreet Kaur and Sarah Ong. Thank you for sharing!”



The Star

When Lullabies Fail, 29 Nov 2013

“Parents face problems when a child doesn’t sleep peacefully at night.”

TheStar 29Nov2013


Berita Harian

Gangguan Tidur Bayi, 20 Nov 2013

“Bayi mudah terjaga dan menangis pada waktu tengah malam atas pelbagai sebab, mungkin mahu susu atau lampin basah dan sebagainya.

Bagaimanapun, situasi membimbangkan apabila tangisan yang kerap boleh memberi kesan berpanjangan. Justeru, ibu menggunakan pelbagai cara membolehkan si kecil tidur nyenyak sepanjang malam.”

Berita Harian 20Nov2013


Mami Baby

Tidurlah Wahai Si Manjaku, October 2013

“Rutin tidur untuk si manja anda”

Mami Baby Oct 2013Mami Baby Oct 2013_0005Mami Baby Oct 2013_0002Mami Baby Oct 2013_0001Mami Baby Oct 2013_0003Mami Baby Oct 2013_0006


“Baby Sleep: 5 Ways To End Your Sleepless Nights”, 3 October 2013

A major concern, aside from feeding and caring for young children, is sleep. Most parents have poor knowledge about baby sleep and what good sleeping habits are. Most of the time they just accept the reality of sleepless nights and aren’t aware of the ways to overcome it. Without starting with good sleeping habits, sleep problem would occur and it usually lasts up to two or even three years old. More..



Safe and Sound in Slumber, September 2013

“Sleeping is worth a thousand stars for babies but sometimes a lullaby isn’t enough to get your dear one into slumberland.”




Featured Mama in MamaAtWork.My website, August 2013

MamaAtWork’s mission is to provide support for mothers who are at work and advocate for change in the workplace as well as better daycare options to allow mothers to become more responsible caregivers while continuing to contribute to national development.


Harian Metro

“Elak Mainan Ransang Minda”, 21 August 2013

“Masalah bayi yang meragam serta enggan tidur pada waktunya memang sering berlaku. Ia boleh memberi kesan yang mendalam hingga menjejaskan kualiti kehidupan sekeluarga terutama kepada ibu bapa yang kepenatan akibat tidak cukup tidur sehingga berbulan lamanya.”



BFM Radio

How Sleep (Or Lack Thereof) Affects a Child’s Development, 25 April 2013

“Chronic sleep deficit can have negative effects on a child’s development, and lack of sleep can be a developmental problem for both children and un-born infants during pregnancy.

Sarah Ong, Certified Child Sleep Consultant, speaks to Meera Sivasothy on how to encourage children to sleep better and ensure a healthy development.”

Click here· to listen to the interview.