Shortcut To Success: Coaching With Sarah

If you’re looking at having an in-person session with me in the comfort of your own home and I meet your little one to assess their interaction in their own familiar environment, then this program is for you.

The VIP Private Coaching program is a ONE-TO-ONE coaching experience, where you’ll receive my highest level of personal attention, support and reassurance.

Whether you’re a first time mum, second time mum or mum to multiples, our goal is simple:

To come up with a plan that gives you the solution with easy to follow actionable steps you need to creating healthy sleep habits, and save you YEARS of struggle and confusion trying to figure it all out on your own.


I will put my “baby sleep expert hat” to work entirely on YOU and your baby, and give you the step-by-step, personalised plan to end your stress and exhaustion from sleep deprivation.

I offer practical, detailed steps and explanation during the sleep work process, which you can implement right away to see results. We will be working closely together for 6-8 weeks in this program.

It’s important to me that you, as a mum, will also be supported during the process because sleep work doesn’t just involve your baby alone. You’ll receive a lot of empathy and emotional support from me. I will hear your concerns and support you with what you need so that we keep progressing until you achieve your goals.

I will meet you at a time most convenient for you in your own home (only for local clients in Klang Valley).

I’m on my maternity leave and will be back to work officially from 9th January 2018 onwards.

I am taking on clients for Skype/FaceTime consultations for now, but all other in-home consultations with support will resume next year.

There will also be a raise by 15-20% in my fees starting 1st January 2018 .

As a transition period, I’m offering this year’s fee if you book before 31st December 2017 and utilise the consult session anytime before 31st January 2018.

Email for more details.

“It has been a relief to finally start working with you. For months Amelia has been waking every 1 – 2 hours at night to feed. Once in a while she’ll give me a longer stretch (3 hours) and i foolishly believe “yes! She’s sleeping better now!” then we’re back to hourly hellos. I was exhausted, cranky and not a very nice person in the morning. Which is unfair to my 6-year-old.

Sleep when the baby sleeps? That’s funny! Baby naps 20 – 30 minutes, not even enough time to get comfortable.

When I contacted Sarah regarding a talk, I decided to engage in her services. From the initial call to the assessment to when we finally met, she has been absolutely lovely and understanding. Sarah provided a customised sleep plan and we started working on her naps first. Using what she taught me, baby started napping longer!

Night sleep came next. From the first night there were already improvements! It’s not magic and it’s a journey still. Amelia was unwell twice during the time we worked together, sleep learning had to be paused. Sarah was understanding and offered to take a break so not to waste the time we had left. Considering the pauses and how clingy Amelia is, we’re wonderfully on track. From falling asleep nursing to falling asleep on her own in her cot! That’s huge!

The support, compassion and detailed emails… Helped a great deal!

Overall experience : fantastic!”

Sharifah Aishah, mom to Amelia 7 months old, Shah Alam


  • Assessment on child’s feed and sleep pattern, pre and birth experiences, attachment and bonding in the first 3 weeks, level of stimulation, sleep environment, daytime behaviors and more
  • 1 x 2 hours initial consultation
  • 1 x 1 hour follow up home visit
  • Unlimited phone, email and Whatsapp support for 6-8 weeks.

Enrolment in the VIP Private Coaching program is by application and case to case basis only as I can only work with a few families each month for most effective level of support.

Update - 5 Sep 2017
I am no longer offering in home consultations starting 11 September 2017 as I’m advancing into my third trimester.

Only phone or Skype/FaceTime consultations will be offered for now. The last consultation session availability is by 27 October 2017.

I am due to deliver my baby around mid November and will start my maternity leave starting 28 October 2017 until second week January 2018. During my leave, I will not be offering any consultations.

“At the beginning the most challenging bit was to have a fixed day routine, but after the first few days, having that routine really helped us a lot in terms of getting our acts together and managing our time.

The most sleep both Kahlil and I were getting, at best, was 2-3 hours at night at a time. The worst was when he woke up almost every 30-45 minutes. Putting him to nap or sleep (the first time and every time he woke up) was never easy; it would take us between 15 minutes to almost 2 hours with all the patting and rubbing. His naps were short at half an hour each, every 3-4 hours, and it stressed us out that we had to constantly watch the baby monitor for signs of movement just so we could rush in and pat him back to sleep before he could be fully awake.

We couldn’t believe how easily he goes to sleep now, day naps and night time sleep. Most of the time, he goes to sleep as soon as we leave his room. And not just that, he self-soothes whenever he wakes up at night and goes straight back to sleep.

Overall experience I would rate it as Excellent. Thanks so much for your help. It has really helped all three of us get better sleep![/quote]

Sara Sukor & Dylan Ong, parents to 6 months old Kahlil, Taman Tun Dr Ismail


  • You need help with both your toddler and baby who have sleep challenges
  • You want me to help you through possible sleep regression that could occur due to illness, travel, family events etc
  • You want the high touch and in-person care and attention
  • You are a high profile family and want top confidentiality
  • You want the best of the best, VIP treatment 😉

The VIP Private Coaching program investment is RM1999 per family. Payment plans are offered upon request.



Click this link here to schedule your free 15-minutes call. During this call, I’ll ask you a few questions pertaining to your child’s background and history and you can learn more about my approach and methods that I use to help you.

If we’re a good fit to work together, I’ll send over the documents – Welcome Packet, pre-consultation questionnaire, agreement and payment details.

Then we’ll choose a date when I’ll come see you for our sessions.


I’ll arrive at your house and introduce myself to your family, especially the little one.

We’ll sit down and go over your completed pre-consultation questionnaire. Then we’ll discuss the plan moving forward.

You’ll take me for a quick tour where your baby sleeps and I’ll make some recommendations to improve the environment and safety.

After I leave, you’ll implement the steps that we discussed and you can start updating me already.


I’ll email you a summary of what we discussed and some notes that you can refer to. I know you can’t possibly remember everything we discussed so this will come in handy. You’re free to print them out if you prefer to have a hard copy.

I’ll also provide a log template which you can use to record your baby’s activities. This is not a must, so it’s totally optional. But it’s a great reporting tool.

From my experience, most mums see results within the first week after implementation of my suggestions!

Then we’ll set a date for my next home visit for our next action step to reach your ultimate goals.

Still not sure? Here are some of the questions I get asked frequently.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, I don’t offer that service. I personally believe that you or the caregiver of your baby will learn best when you work with your baby yourself. You’ll make observation from your experience and gain trust and conviction of the methods that way.
This is based on my experience, because I don’t guarantee fast overnight results, sometimes during the time we work together, your child might get sick, you need to travel or some emergency case comes up. I’d pause during these times from case to case basis, hence the extra 2 weeks allowance.
Not at all, I won’t ask you to change the place your baby sleeps unless you want to. I’m able to support any types of sleeping arrangement with great success.
Two monthly plans of RM1050 or three monthly payments of RM700. I use Paypal for payment plans option.
I understand that no one likes to hear their baby cry. While I don’t offer the support of timed checks or controlled crying, I never guarantee no cry. In my approach, crying is considered as a way our child communicates their needs and feelings. I’ll support you in how to respond and what to do when your baby cries, including picking her up. If you’re not able to handle any crying whatsoever, then this program is not right for you.
If you have tried everything, I’m pretty sure by now you know a lot more about sleep than others do. Which also means that you have all the puzzle pieces but you have no idea how to put them all together for your baby to sleep through. When you’re in the thick of sleep deprivation, it’s hard to think straight. I’m going to look at your situation from an outside perspective. I’ll give you clarity and practical steps which you can use right away.

Your Next Step

If you feel this is right for you, please schedule a complimentary consultation call to discuss your goals and your availability.

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