Sound Asleep Private Consultation (RM699)

This is my most popular program that is designed to help you uncover the reasons why your baby is having sleep issues and teach you step-by-step how you can get both you and your baby’s sleep needs met.

The steps and suggestions in the program is tailored to your baby as there are no two babies alike.


  • Full investigation and assessment of your baby’s sleep
  • 1.5 hours initial consultation to the discuss the assessment and your plan moving forward
  • 30 days of unlimited email support and 2x 30 minutes phone follow up
  • A personalized sleep plan that is catered to solve your baby’s sleep issues and achieve your goals

We can meet in person in your home or via video session (Skype, FaceTime).

I’m on my maternity leave and will be back to work officially from 9th January 2018 onwards.

I am taking on clients for Skype/FaceTime consultations for now, but all other in-home consultations with support will resume next year.

There will also be a raise by 15-20% in my fees starting 1st January 2018 .

As a transition period, I’m offering this year’s fee if you book before 31st December 2017 and utilise the consult session anytime before 31st January 2018.

Email for more details.

“Thank you for your support and for hearing me throughout the journey, Sarah! Few months ago if you told me that my baby will be able to sleep on his own, I wouldn’t have believed it and can only say “perhaps one day”, and I didn’t even know when that “one day” is. Again, so glad we took the plunge and didn’t wait any longer. Glad that you took the step to be a baby sleep coach and help parents-in-need like us!”

Kathie, mum to Owen 15 months old, Petaling Jaya


  • You need help on how to wean your baby from breastfeeding to sleep
  • You want to stop rocking your child to sleep
  • You want your baby or child to sleep longer at night (4 hours stretch is like a dream to you)
  • You need support for your child to fall asleep faster at bedtime (not take 1-2 hours to sleep)
  • You want to stop the early rising and help your child sleep longer until it’s sunrise
  • You want practical strategies to help your baby nap longer than 30 minutes


Frequently Asked Questions

RM699 per session – applies to in person or Skype/FaceTime session.
6 months to 5 years. If your baby is under 6 months, please consider this sleep support package.
I can never guarantee any results because that depends entirely on your actions and effort that you put in to help your baby sleep. But I promise that you will be given all the tools and fundamental understanding that you need about baby sleep. And that you will know what you need to do to help them sleep more.
One of the basis of my approach is to ensure that each baby’s feelings and emotions are fully addressed so that she feels safe, confident and reassured in relation to sleep. Emotional wellbeing work takes time, so I can’t guarantee a specific time that you will see your child sleeping through the night. But, many parents reported that they see distinct improvements such as no more nursing to sleep, from 5-6 night wakings down to 3, from hourly waking to 3 hours of stretch of sleep, from 20 minutes naps to 1 hour solid restful naps, within days of executing the program.
100% upfront payment to be collected before the consultation. We accept payment via interbank transfer, Paypal, debit or credit card.
You will be given a set of questionnaire for my assessment. The questionnaire is to be completed and emailed back to me a day prior to our appointment.
I’m not medically trained so I absolutely don’t diagnose or treat any illnesses or medical condition.
You don’t HAVE to do anything that you are not comfortable with. I aim to provide you the solution that fits your parenting style and philosophy. So you can continue co-sleeping (if that is your choice) and still have a baby sleeping peacefully next to you.
The thing with baby is they understand very well that they can choose to sleep differently with different people. As long as the daycare is putting your baby to nap according to age appropriate times, this will not affect the result of the program.

Your Next Step

If you feel this is right for you, please schedule a complimentary consultation call to discuss your goals and your availability.

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