Nurturing Baby Sleep Workshop

This workshop is designed as a group consultation, specifically to solve sleep issues for babies aged 6-24 months.

It is also catered for working parents – either outside of home or at home, who have never tried any form of sleep training methods and would prefer a gentle and respectful approach.

In this workshop, we’ll cover basic and fundamental sleep habits, the how-to’s and a dedicated block of time for us to discuss and solve each participant’s baby sleep issue.

What You Will Learn

  • You’ll get the tools you need to change baby’s habits permanently. No more rocking or nursing and you don’t have to night wean your baby. You can reduce the number of night wakings, increase the length of nap time and create a flexible routine so that you can get YOUR time back.


  • You’ll understand WHY your baby cries and learn exactly how to handle it. There will be some crying but you are not leaving your baby to figure it out alone, nor should you ignore their cries. When babies cry they’re communicating their feelings, and it can be hard to hear, but there’s no need to leave them alone. Support your baby through their big feelings and you’ll see that they will sleep better.


  • You’ll learn the essential ingredients you need to have in place for your baby to sleep well and fall back to sleep easily. Instead of dreading every nap and bedtime, you’ll have the confidence to take charge of your baby’s sleeping habits, and beyond that, I show you how to overcome any sleep challenge you might face in the future.


  • You will hear from real life examples so you can learn from how other parents successfully achieve their baby sleep goals. You’ll feel less alone in this and know that there are other parents who have gone through the same thing and have overcome the challenges. And that it’s possible for you too!

What You Will Get


Sample of sleep schedules for different ages for your quick guidance


Wonder Weeks chart and how it affects baby & toddler sleep


Sleep plan template and we’ll customise one for your baby during the workshop

Workshop Fee & Details

Date: 9 September 2017, Saturday

Time: 9.30am to 3pm

Venue: Sprouts at The School, Jaya One

Fee: RM497 per participant (free for spouse)

Maximum number of participants: 10 cases

* Light lunch provided
* Lunch break + breastmilk pumping session break in between
* Workshop is for adults only, no children allowed
* Catered for babies aged 6-24 months only


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