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Start getting personalised sleep support today with our baby and toddler sleep consultation services.

  • Newborn Sleep (0-15 weeks)

    Newborn sleep is confusing and exhausting for parents. Get clarification and peace of mind with our support.

  • Single 1:1 Private Consultation (4mo-3yo)

    Our most popular support package. Suitable for most common sleep issues such as frequent night wakings, early rising, erratic naps etc.

  • VIP Private In-Home Session

    Parents who take this up usually need high level of support and easy access to the sleep coach. Suitable for complicated and deeply entrenched sleep issues that need time to resolve such as separation anxiety, multiples, two siblings with sleep issues and birth trauma.

Not sure which support is right for you?

Schedule a 15 minutes free introductory consultation call with Sarah Ong and she can help you decide the most suitable support package.